Smartwatch Buying Guide – How to Choose Perfect Smartwatch For You 2022

The popularity of smartwatches is increasing day by day and looking at this growing demand, Many new companies have ventured into making smartwatches. Companies that previously only launched mobiles, analog watches, or headphones, are now competing with smartwatches. So overall, the demand for smartwatches in today’s market is so high, and on the other hand, You will notice, at any budget price thousands of smartwatch options are available in the market. So now we are writing this article (Smartwatch Buying Guide) thinking that you should not make any mistake while buying a smartwatch.

So in this article we will give you some points that you need to keep in mind while buying a smartwatch. Let’s get started –

first of all, Why would you want to buy a smartwatch?

The first thing you need to do before buying a smartwatch is to decide why you want to buy it.

Number 1: Are you a sports person, looking to buy a smartwatch to track your daily activities? For example, if you are a swimmer, then your smartwatch needs to be at least 5 ATM waterproof. Also, if you do a lot of outdoor activities then you need to have GPS in your smartwatch.

Number 2: There may be another reason to buy your smartwatch, you may be busy all day, maybe you have to work all day standing. So in that case it becomes difficult to attend all the calls and notifications with mobile in hand. So if you want to get a smartwatch for these reasons, then the smartwatch should have the option of receiving calls, or quick reply to the message etc.

Number 3: There may be another reason to buy your smartwatch, it is a current trend and everyone wants to change to smartwatch by replacing analog watches, so that’s why you want to buy a smartwatch.

Of course, any one of them can be your reason, so you have to decide first. And at the same time, you need to shortlist some of the features in the smartwatch that you can use. If you have a big budget then maybe you will get many features in one smartwatch but if your budget is low then you have to pay attention to it.



An important thing that forces you to keep your limits. Of course, your budget is not unlimited, so you have to think about your budget before you buy. And I know you already have that in mind. This article is about Smartwatch Buying Guide.

Dial Type:

There are two types of dial smartwatches available to us, one is round dial and the other is square dial. Before you buy a smartwatch, you have to decide which dial type you like or which one is perfect for your hands.

Because maybe the smartwatch is perfect for you in terms of features but it may not be suitable for your hands. Here is a suggestion for you, if you are a girl or if your wrist is narrow then round dial may not be perfect for you, or in this case small dial smartwatches should be your choice.

Build Quality:

Along with features, you should also focus on build quality. If your budget is low then fine, but if your budget is a bit high then I would say you should buy a smartwatch with metallic build quality. Because, the metallic build smartwatches look good and the biggest reason is that they are very durable and long lasting.

Display Quality:

While it is a smart-watch, you must use it on outdoors. So, in that case, the display needs to be bright and with it high resolution so that you can use it well outdoors. There are two types of displays either IPS LCD display or AMOLED display, if your budget is more than 5500 or 6000 then I would say you must buy a smartwatch with an AMOLED display. Because with an AMOLED smartwatch you can feel a decent color display. If the rest of your budget is less than 5000 rupees, you can definitely take a smartwatch with an IPS display, just notice that the brightness and resolution need to be a little higher.

User interface:

In case of UI, I will not talk about Apple Watch here because there is very nice UI support. But in the case of Android Watch, you will see a lot of different variations because each brand has its own UI that supports Android. So it is very important when buying a smart watch that you pay attention to UI.

In the case of the Apple Watch, I would say that the beautiful features are all very good, but for all these reasons, the battery life of those smartwatches is very short, which is why I personally do not like it.

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