Noise Colorfit Ultra 2 Buzz Review: AMOLED display & Bluetooth calling Smartwatch

Noise Colorfit Ultra 2 Buzz Review: Recently, we have a Noise Colorfit Ultra 2 BUZZ smartwatch. I have been using this smartwatch for quite some time and now I will share my complete experience and feedback about this model.

Packed with all the features you want, it has AMOLED display, Bluetooth calling support, ip68 dust and water resistance, and lots of other features which we will discuss in this article.

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We will talk about various aspects of this smartwatch, so definitely read the article till the end.

Noise Colorfit Ultra 2 Buzz Review in Details

Packing and Unboxing

While the packaging looks pretty similar to other Noise smartwatches, you will find Color Fit Noise Ultra 2 branding throughout. On the back of the packaging here mentioned some of its features like – 1.78-inch AMOLED display, Bluetooth calling support, is also available on always-on display, and 100 plus ports support mode activity tracking.

Noise Colorfit Ultra 2 Buzz

When open the box, as usual at the top you have got an accessory box which includes some paperwork, then our brand new smartwatch and lastly in the package you get a magnetic pogo pin cable for charging. 

That is it these are all the stuff you got in the package. 

Design and the Duild Quality

So i’ll just give you like a closer look at the smartwatch and talk about the design and the build quality,  let me tell you initial impressions smartwatch looks quite premium and beautiful. 

Noise Colorfit Ultra 2 Buzz Build Quality

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Talking about build quality build quality is good. looks like the body is made of polycarbonate material but with a metallic sort of finish. 

There’s only one multi-function button to the right side and that is it. 

If you’re wondering where the mic and speaker, you will find mic is on the bottom corner and this is where you’ve got the speaker on other side. As i have told you it is a bluetooth calling support smartwatch, so these are mandatory. 

Going to the back side you’ve got like a beautiful glossy finish in black and you’ve got your sensors and stuff over here. 

Talking about the straps quality, here are some pretty good quality straps feel soft and durable and also look very nice and good thing is you can replace and customize the straps as per requirement anytime in future. 

so that is it our complete overview on the design and build quality 

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Display Quality of Noise Colorfit Ultra 2 Buzz Smartwatch

First, let’s talk about the display. As I told you the Colorfit Ultra 2 buzz has a nice 1.78 in resolution, 368 by 448 resolution and the display looks absolutely gorgeous, making everything look so crisp and clear.

Noise Colorfit Ultra 2 Buzz Display

Any kind of message that any kind of content you see on it looks crystal clear.

The display has a 60 Hertz refresh rate, which makes the whole animation look very smooth.

Talking about the brightness, its 500 nits brightness display is really bright and has no problem, it is easily visible in bright outdoor conditions.

Apart from that it supports Always-on display as it comes with an AMOLED panel. Available in two different options, Analog and Digital style, you can see from settings.

And yes apart from that there are raise-to-wake-up features and the raise-to-wake-up function also works very well most of the time.

UI interface and Built-in Applications

Now let me take a closer look at the smartwatch and show you the UI and built-in apps and features.

By default on the home screen you will find five watch faces installed from the factory. But don’t worry you can download almost 100 plus cloud based watch faces from Noise Fit compatible apps.

Noise Colorfit Ultra 2 Buzz Menu

Apart from that now swiping down on home screen brings you notification panel here you can see all your recent messages notifications, call notifications here.

By swiping on the home screen, you can access the status panel, where it shows you Bluetooth connectivity status, battery level, settings, brightness adjustment, DND mode, etc.

By swiping left or right on the home screen you get all the things related to your health, like 24×7 hours monitoring, blood oxygen SP02 is also there, sleep data analysis, stress level measurement. And finally this is your widget overview.

The widget overview shows you your fitness activity level for the day such as how many steps you’ve taken, distance traveled, calories burned and all that, for a detailed analysis and summary you can check out the Noise Fit compatible app.

Moving down you’ve got your alarm again and all your health related stuff and that’s pretty much it.

Now if want to access a complete list of apps and features present in it, you can do so by simply pressing this button on the right side and there you will pop up the entire menu.

And in word ‘health’ section you can access complete health related solutions guys all these are available here.

It is a bluetooth calling smartwatch, all features of bluetooth calling are included with noise canceling option. You can save as many as 10 different favorite contacts, your call history is also available and there is a dedicated number pad. So you type the number and talk directly to the person without taking out your smartphone from your pocket.

In the clock section you will find all your timers, alarms, stop watches, world clocks, etc.

And that’s your sports workout section we’ll get to there in a moment and

Features include – remote music player, weather etc. and in the stock section you can load your favorite stocks and track them on the stock market.

So understand this is a feature rich smartwatch and more features are available in it.

Noise Colorfit Ultra 2 Buzz Review: Health-related Features

The Noise Colorfit Ultra 2 Buzz smartwatch comes bundled with health related functions. 24×7 hours measurement is available, blood oxygen measurement is also available and sleep data analysis, stress level measurement etc.

Let me tell you that I have been using it for the past few days and its sensors are doing a good job especially like measuring spo2 or for 24×7 hours all these are working well and giving accurate results almost 95 percent of the time.

Talking about sports and fitness, as I told you Noise Colorfit Ultra 2 Buzz supports around 100 plus ports for activity tracking- walking, treadmill, cycling are available here.

You just need to click on any of those activities and the watch will start measuring different things. Like how many steps you have taken in distance traveled calories burned as well as your 24×7 hour monitoring data and it will give you a complete analysis.

The smartwatch doesn’t have a GPS feature available, but it does support in-app GPS tracking so you can use your smartphone’s GPS for geolocation data.

Noise Colorfit Ultra 2 Buzz Review: Bluetooth Calling

Ok now the interesting part is the bluetooth calling feature, it supports bluetooth calling with on-board microphone and speaker.

In this you can call by dialing the number and talk to the person directly from the smartwatch.

Noise Colorfit Ultra 2 Buzz Bluetooth Calling

Now keeping that aside let me tell you about the microphone quality and call quality experience.

I have used the Bluetooth calling feature many times over the past few days and let me tell you the microphone quality of the smartwatch is pretty good. Another person cannot distinguish whether it is a smartwatch or a smartphone he can clearly hear and understand. That’s what I’m saying the microphone quality is great.

Speaker quality Talking about the speaker quality, it was producing good quality audio which I could easily understand. But I felt the audio output is a bit low, so you might have trouble understanding like you in noisy environments, especially outdoors or in traffic. But indoors it was fine no problem.

Battery Life of Noise Colorfit Ultra 2 Buzz Smartwatch

As well now as expected bluetooth calling smartwatches have a mediocre sort of battery life and same was the case over here. 

Noise Colorfit Ultra 2 Buzz Battery Life

Now if you use a smartwatch with brightness of around 60 percent and you’re doing a bit of physical activities using those sensors – hr related data once in a while and you’re also getting a bit of notifications like very rarely then you can expect around like 6-7 days of battery life guys per charge. 

But if you’re like a very heavy user you use that Bluetooth calling feature a lot with always on display also enabled you can only expect around like 1-2 days of battery life. 

So, What Next?

Well, the brand new Fit Ultra 2 Bass is the best smartwatch you can get for this price. A beautiful 1.78 inch AMOLED display with always on display support bluetooth calling also it is ip68 dust and water resistant and has all your health and fitness related features covered on this model.

And finally I felt the battery life could be a little better. I didn’t find any other cons.

If you are looking for a smartwatch under Rs 4000 then you can go with it.

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