Types of Sensors Typically Found Inside Smartwatches and Fitness Bands, You Must Need to Know

Smartwatches today come with tons of new features and modes. These watches
are marketed on the basis of these features. What makes these features so
functional are the presence of various sensors that help in improving a model. All
these sensors enable the numerous features and give the smartwatch a modern

  1. Ambient sensor- Several smartwatches provide the option of adaptive
    brightness and this sensor is used to regulate that. It measures the outer
    lightning and adjusts the display of the smartwatch.
  2. Accelerometer- This sensor tracks the movements of the watch wearer’s
    body. It measures the acceleration and position of our body.
  3. Altimeter- This sensor is mostly used for smartwatches which provide
    outdoor or sports modes options. Altimeter sensor tracks the upward and
    downward motion of a body and is used mainly for trekking and mountain
    climbing where it calculates how much calories is burned, the distance
    covered, and the height one reaches to.
  4. Optical heart rate sensor- This sensor tracks the beats of the heart per
    minute. Our beating hearts send a wavelength in our veins which is picked
    up by this sensor to calculate the beats per minute.
  5. Spo2 sensor- Given the pandemic, this particular sensor is a very
    convenient feature in current smartwatches. This sensor reads the colour
    density of our blood and provides us the oxygen levels present in our
  6. Bioimpedance sensor- This sensor is used to track our respiratory levels
    and our sleeping activity.
  7. Proximity sensor- This can vary from brand to brand as it performs on the
    basis of movement.
  8. Compass- As evident from its name, the compass sensor is used for
    providing directions. Essential while mountain climbing or outdoor
    activities this sensor provides you with east, west, north or south
  9. GPS sensor- Connected to satellites for accuracy, GPS is essential for
    location tracking.
  10. Gesture sensor- Gadgets today are touch screen enabled which allows for
    features like swiping, double tapping and holding the screen for a few
    seconds. All these are enabled by the gesture sensor.
  11. Magnetometer- This sensor acts like a supporting system along with the
    GPS and Compass sensor to accurately track and measure locations.
  12. Gyro Sensor- This sensor is typically used to calculate angular velocity. It
    calculates the angles of a body in contrast to gravity and along with GPS
    provides more accurate results.
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