How to Record Whatsapp Calls on Android and iPhone (Voice and Video Calls) – 4 Steps

Hey, you want to Record Whatsapp Calls on your Android or iPhone? But you don’t know how it can be done? Okay, don’t worry. Throughout the article we have explain some ways for you that help you to easily record WhatsApp voice and video calls on your Android or iOS device.

As you know, whatsApp is an instant messaging platform that is also popular for video and voice calls. The platform has become one stop for its users, to gather more useful features. For example, recently whatsapp pay option has been launched, for its user.

However, with this one can message to friends, family or loved ones, make voice calls and video calls, whatsapp allows its users all this. We can easily record traditional phone calls, but WhatsApp does not allow to record these calls. We often need to record these calls for official work or business work or to capture the memories of loved ones. 

However, you want to record whatsapp calls on your Android or iPhone device, but how? Don’t worry, in today’s article we will discuss this topic in detail, let’s get started –

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Is it possible to record calls on WhatsApp?

In a word, yes it is possible. Whatsapp does not have these features, but you can record WhatsApp calls by installing a third-party app on your mobile.

How to Record WhatsApp Call on Your Android Phone

 Now let’s say it is easier to record whatsapp calls on an Android phone than an iOS device. Because the Android OS gives us some extra features, and the Play Store has a lot more apps than the Apple Store.

1. Record WhatsApp Voice Calls on Android

For this, you need to install a third party app from Playstore, the app is – Call Recorder: Cube ACR. This app allows you to record WhatsApp voice calls. But the problem here is that this application does not support all mobiles. To find out if this will support your mobile – you can visit the support page of this app and see if your phone is listed in it. So if you are capable to record call then follow the steps below –

Here I am telling you from the starting what you need to do-

  • Go to Google Play Store and search Call Recorder: Cube ACR.
  • Install the app and open it after installation
  • Next, switch to WhatsApp
  • Now you will see cube call widget while making voice call in WhatsApp.
  • If you do not see it then open the Cube ACR app again, then go to settings, and click on force VoIP call as a voice call

Then you must see the Cube ACR widget during whatsapp voice calling, if you haven’t got it yet, then maybe your phone is not supporting this application.

 If you still want to record WhatsApp voice calls on your Android phone, let me tell you one more way which would be a bit tricky.

  • First open pri installed screen recorder app on your phone or install a screen recorder app from the Play Store,
  • Then with this app you can record WhatsApp voice calls in video form.
  • And then if you want to make it audio then download any video to audio converter app from play store and simply make audio.

Below is how to record a video call.

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2. Record WhatsApp Video Calls on Android

WhatsApp has no in-built features for recording video calls, you can take the help of any screen recorder app to record whatsapp video calls. Screen Recorder app often comes pre-installed on the phone, or you can install it from the Play Store, there are many such apps available in the Google Play Store. One such app is AZ screen recorder. So follow the steps below to record a video call on WhatsApp by AZ screen recorder –

  • Open the Google Play Store, search and install the AZ screen recorder app
  • Then, open the AZ screen recorder app, then it will create a popup widget in your notification panel.
  • Then go to WhatsApp and call the person you want to record the call, start recording from the AZ widget.
  • Then you can stop or pause record, option are avialable. ( 🟥 stop record , pause record ⏸️  )
record whatsapp video calls on android

How to Record WhatsApp Calls on iPhone

As I said before, recording calls on iPhone is a bit more difficult than on Android phones. There are no specific applications that will allow you to record calls, but there are some alternatives that I am discussing.

1. Record WhatsApp Voice Call on iPhone

  • First you need two devices to do this, a mac and iphone 
  • Then you need to connect your iPhone to Mac using cable. 
  • Then, select the ‘Trust this computer’ option on your iPhone 
  • Then open the Queek Time application on your Mac device then click on file manager then select new audio recording option Then choose iPhone as an option and then select the record button in quick time application 
  • Next make a call to your phone from your iPhone, when call will be connected then click to add user icon 
  • Now you call the person from your iPhone, whose call you want to record, 
  • Then record the call, 
  • And when the call is over, go to the Week Time application and stop recording

2. Record WhatsApp Video Call on iPhone

We need the help of a screen recorder to record video calls. Apple has introduced screen recorder features with iOS 11. You can use this feature to record your WhatsApp video calls without installing any third party application. So let me tell you step by step below.

  • At first go to settings on your iPhone, then click on control center
  • Then you have to click on customize control center
  • Then you have to select screen recording option
  • Tap on control center then you have to click on screen recording option to start recording
  • Now remember, you must enable the microphone to record the call.
  • So this way you can record calls by iPhone. And when your call is finished simply click on stop recording, then the file will be safe on your device.

Some more ways to record WhatsApp calls

1. How to Record WhatsApp Voice Call to Jailbreak Your iPhone

So at first what is jailbreak, jailbreak is something that, Apple is putting limits on iOS platform when you break the limit this is called jailbreak. But your IOS version for that must be IOS11 to IOS13.5

for example in Android platform there are so many features so if you want to bring those features to the iPhone then you have to jailbreak your iPhone

How to install Call recording option by jailbreak,

at first you have to open Cydia icon.

After opening here is the section source sometime a pop up comes, you have to nothing to do. 3 essentials upgrade option is coming you have to ignore it

Step 1: Add Source Code

Now you want to section of the sources, you have to press the refresh button on the top corner.
Now you have to click on edit on the top corner.
Now click on at on the top corner.
Now you have to write after https://
Then you have to click on at source button.
Then won the source will added you have to click on return button.

Now on the same way you have to add one another source code, that is
Then on the same way you have to click on at source and then add anyway and when social added then click on return to Cydia


Step 2: Install Recoder

Now if you download Call recorder then you have to search audiorecorderxs > Then install it > Then click on confirm > Then click on restart springboards

Then your phone will be restart, after restarting you will see that the audio recorder app has been installed.

Then if you want to active it go to settings > At the very end you will get the audio recorder option, click on It > Then enable it, then click on I agree, > then went to the option below recording setting >
Then you have to enable what types of call you want to record like FaceTime, telephone, WhatsApp calls

After enable that you will record your WhatsApp calls


2. Record WhatsApp call using modes APK on Android

Whatsapp mods applications provide some additional features to its users as compared to traditional whatsapp. And that’s why a huge number of people are using Such mod applications like GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp plus, FM WhatsApp, etc. In these applications you will also get the option of whatsapp call recording with many additional features.

3. WhatsApp audio call record Using Record WhatsApp Call App from Play Store

‘Record WhatsApp Call App’ is one of the many options to record WhatsApp calls on Android phones.
So follow the steps below to record your call with this application
First, install the Record WhatsApp Call App from the Google Play Store
Once installed, you have to give permission to the app to access your microphone, storage, calls and contacts
Then you can call someone on WhatsApp and it will be recorded automatically.
The recording will be saved to your device after the call ends.

Conclusion –

In this article we have discussed through a huge article how you can record whatsapp audio and video calls on your android device or iphone. We have tested each process ourselves and then presented it to you. You can try any of these processes that will be easy for you.

WhatsApp does not provide these features. To do this you need to take the help of a third party app. You must know that it is not legal to do this. So you can record someone’s call if needed.

This is the end of today’s article. You can read our more interesting articles.

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