How to use earphones without damaging ears – 5 ways

Our body has different sensory organs which help us to do different activities in our day to day life. It’s an every organ has its own importance and significance. Any breakdown in any of the organ can lead to serious issues in our body, because every organ is interconnected with each other.


Our ears hold n important significance in our everyday life. When our ears aren’t functioning in a proper manner, we experience an array of issues, like hearing loss, cognitive decline, balance issues, and delayed speech processing. If we are unable to listen a thing, then we cannot understand that, and also we cannot reciprocate too.

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In today’s world, technologies have made human life very easy and convenient. But this technology’s have serious effect in human body too. This issues may impact our organ system in many serious ways. One of the serious issues which comes in our ear is through using earphone which is connected with our phone.

When we use earphones for long hours it has serious impact in our ears. Hence in this article we will explain, how to use earphones without damaging our ears.

When you are using your earphone always try to keep a minimal volume so that it does not put too much stress on your ears. When you are listening to any music or a video at a very high volume, this loud music can damage your cells and membranes in the cochlea.

What happens is when you listen to a very loud music for a very long time, this can lay stress on the hair cells which are present in the ear, which causes the cells to die. Hence, always try to listen to the music which are not too much exaggerating to your ear.

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Always choose headphones over the earphones. In simple terms, if we define a headphone, those are devices which a bigger in size and it is wore over the head, and it has soft cushion like ear cups which are more comfortable to wear, and most importantly, it is far more safer then the earbuds, which are basically small and it is made of silicon, or hard plastic which has direct contact with the ear.

If you compare the both, then the headphones has a minimal distance with the ear, and the earbuds has no such distance. Comparatively wearing an headphone, allows your ear cells to breath more, hence causing lesser impact in the ear cells.

Never use your earphone for a very long time, always try to keep a 5 or 10 minutes gap while using your earphone for a long hours. For example, if you are using your earphone for more than hour, then there should be a gap of at least 10 minutes at an interval of 1 hour. This enables your ear cells to manage and balance between the outside environment as well as, the music or sound which you are listening.

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For a safe your health you should always keep the volume at 60% and should give a break to your ears, for 10mins after 60 minutes.

Never listen to a very loud music holding your phone very close to your ear. The music waves which are coming from your phones audio jack goes directly to your ear cells, which in hamper your ear cells severely.

Always choose the appropriate earphone or headphone. For reducing ear stress which comes from earphones, one must always use noise cancellation earphones. This type of earphones has less frequency, which are much more safer for the ears.

If you are using a headphone, which has soft ear cups, those are good because, using earphones for long hours, creates an environment of high temperature and humidity in the ear canal, since there is no space for the ear cells to breath in and out.

Always clean your ear regularly. What generally happens, our ears has a universal cleaning procedure, through the earwax which is formed. It is been said that, earwax is the universal wat of taking care of our found receptors.

Analysis shows that long usage of earphones, result in tough buildup earwax, which cannot be cleaned easily. This earwax forms a thick layer, which can block the ear cells, making the person unable to listen. Hence when you are using earphones frequently, always clean your ear, by adding drops of olive, coconut and almond oil in the ear and cleaning the ear with the ear cleaner.

Always use the clean headphone. Clean your headphones at regular intervals. Your headphones should not contain particle of dust, microbes or any other dirt. This is because, if your headphones are dirty, then that dirt will enter your ear, causing to form hard layer of earwax.

Communication is very important part of our life, for that, we need our ears. We should never out stress on our organs, for our luxurious needs. A good life, comes with a good health, and a good health comes when all our organs function properly.

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