5 Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 2000 (TWS) in India for 2022

This article is completely written on the topic of Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 2000 (TWS), from here you are going to get the complete idea which are the best TWS to date, why they are good and which one you should get.

There is a sudden increase in the demand of earbuds in India. Whats the reason?

It is because of the boom in the gaming sector of India, especially in games like BGMI, Free Fire, and Call of Duty Mobile which are very popular now. They need earbuds like this that help them play better as sound plays a very important role in games like that.

But there are still a lot of people who use it to listen to their favorite music tracks. Instead of the old school earphones with annoying wires, now these earbuds give the advantage of high-quality sound and no hassle of wires tangling. People are using these when they are doing some activities like Gym, work, walks and morning runs.

Prominent mobile manufacturers like Xiaomi, OnePlus, Realme, Sony, and Oppo also focus on providing budget earbuds for the rising trend in India.

So this post includes the best earbuds under 2000 in India. They are well researched and compared on different aspects like Comfort, Sound Quality, Bass, Charging, Water Resistance, And Much More

List of 5 Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 2000 (TWS) in India

5 best tws under 2000 rupees in India
Realme Buds Q2
Oppo Enco W11
Realme Buds Q2 Neo
Redmi Earbuds 2C
BoAt Airdopes 441

1. Best TWS Under 2000: Realme Buds Q2

realme Buds Q2

Realme is quite popular in India with its phones and now is focusing on accessories as well like neck bands and earbuds. The Buds Q2 comes with a lot of exclusive features that make it to the top of the list.

Design and Build Quality 

Buds Q2 is the successor to the Realme Buds Q and has some similarities with extra features. Even though the case looks cool with its pebble shape and matte finish, it is a little slippery to hold. The outer side of each bud has a touch sensitive area which has some control features and can be customized in the app.

The overall build quality is great and the lid feels solid and not cheap. The back side has Type C port for charging with an indication light.

Speaker and Sound Quality

The sound quality is great for both small uses and also gaming. In gaming there is no such lag and this one is the best in this budget. There are options on the back of earbuds to change tracks and volume. And all of this can be customized. 

There is noise cancellation, normal and transparency options to choose as well as sound effects like bass boost, dynamic and Bright modes with an volume enhancer option.

Battery Life

Battery life on the Realme Buds Q2 is quite decent. The earpieces lasted for around 4 hours, 15 minutes on a single charge with active noise cancellation enabled. The charging case helps us to increase it to a total battery life of around 17 hours in total.

Realme claims 3 hrs of playtime after 10 minutes of charging which is great.


We think it is difficult to find a more complete device with this feature set and performance level for less than Rs. 3,000 at the moment. The sound quality and ANC performance are shockingly good for the price, too. 

There was no issues with connectivity or stability or with the app. Everything was perfect for a person whose priorities are music and some gaming! so if you want to buy Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 2000 you can definitely go with it.

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2. True Wireless Earbuds Under 2000: Oppo Enco W11

Oppo Enco W11

The next one is from Oppo, an other emerging brand in India know for its sleek and variety designs. It is trying to get the positives from other brand earphones to give the best product for the customer.

Design and Build Quality

The box comes with earbuds inside the case along with the warranty card and the quick start guide. You also get the C type cable for charging. The case is glossy white, so a little care should be there because it might get dirty faster.

There is an indicator light at the front of earbuds. The case is lightweight and pretty easy to open and close with a satisfying noise and does feel premium.

The earbuds are in a simple yet elegant design that makes you fall in love at the first look. The overall build quality is good but if it had a matte finish case, it would have been better.

Speaker and Sound Quality

The earbuds fits correct and feels good. It is best for listening music during gym or some exercise. The bass is not that great but okay. Works best with light songs instead of the bass bad boys.

The sound quality will come in between of the buds Q2 (the #1) and redme earbuds S. But with some changes in controls it can suit any of your needs.

The sound quality during calls is decent and had no issues. The controls are similar to other earbuds like tap to play/pause etc.
The touch controls is pretty accurate too but might be a little slow when compared. But would not recommend for gaming , for that Realme Q2 would be better.

Battery Life

Each of the earbuds have a capacity of 30mAh which will last you about 5 hrs with 50% volume. And 4 hrs with 75% volume with ASC turned ON

The charging takes about two hours and that’s great. It also has a charging indicator on the case.


If your main purpose is listening to music and some calls, this is the right one, it has all the features needed for you.

But would never recommend for gaming as at times, there is a lag, but if you just play for some time, then it would not be a problem for you.

The most amazing thing I saw was the modern C type USB port which is really useful as all new phones have this kind of port for charging.

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3. True Wireless Earbuds Under 2000: Realme Buds Q2 Neo

realme Buds Q2 neo

This is the second product from Realme in the best earbuds under 2000 list. Realme and BoAt are competing each other to produce newer models with the best features.

The Q2 is an entry level earphone in the 2000 range which has some exclusive features as well.

Design and Build Quality 

The Q2 Neo is very similar to the Realme Buds Q2 earbuds. It comes in 3 colours with a matte finish case which feels a bit slippery. The lid feels premium when closing and opening.

There is a single LED charging indicator in front. The only problem we saw in the design was the old micro USB charging port in the buds.

The case is small and lightweight but does not look premium. But others than that,it looks pretty modern and the outside of the buds have a great pattern too.

Speaker and Sound Quality

Surprisingly the Q2 Neo comes with a 10mm driver which gives out a good output in the budget. The sound quality is great.

It pairs fast with app and a lot of features are available on App. Different modes available for gaming, bass etc. Can setup shortcuts as well.

The vocal is fantastic with a good bass and treble note. But this is not the best sound quality when compared with the other ones on the list. For BASS lovers, this might be your one.

When during a call, the mic works perfectly and at a good quality. The noise cancellation comes automatically but gets muffled at times but overall its good.

Battery Life

The Realme Q2 Neo buds can will last up to 5 hours playback with just a single full charge. 

But with the 480mAh battery with the charging case, the battery life goes up to 20 hours. With change in volume, this might be different.


It is a pretty decent earbud as it comes with many exclusive things like a dedicated gaming mode and app support. It is best for people who need earbuds mainly for calls as the microphone is good. Can we also used for some light gaming.

The only drawback is the old micro USB charging port that is a little odd.

4. True Wireless Earbuds Under 2000: Redmi Earbuds 2C

Redmi Earbuds 2C

This is a product from Redmi, which is well known for its phones. The Redmi Buds 2C is a perfect earbud with a battery life of 12 hrs which is great with Bluetooth 5.0 V.

It is a pretty old product launched around a year back that has around 16,000 + ratings on Amazon

Design and Build Quality 

The box comes with the earbud with case, 2 extra ear tips and the manual/guide.

The case looks a little different from others as it is in a semi cylindrical shape and comparatively bigger than the other cases.  The black matte color looks great.

The back of the case is touch and has features like tap to play/pause but no option to change track. Double press wakes up the google assistant/Siri on your phone.

The overall build quality is great with good magents and hinges. The earbuds looks normal like other earbuds in a minimal design.

Speaker and Sound Quality

In sound quality, this is not the best BASS earphone in the list but still it does the job, that’s it. But it is good for calls and casual music.

There is no such latency issues on youtube but while gaming, its an issue. This earbud is not recommended for gaming purposes or heavy music. The range is around 18-20m and starts to break if the range exceeds. But because of its sleek design, is always fun to wear and it fits correctly. 

It also comes with voice assist like Siri or Google assistant, and can make calls with that. The earbuds also comes with noise cancelling that is decent, so you can FOCUS more.

Battery Life

The Realme Buds 2C comes with a 300mAh battery that powers up the earbuds.

The company says a battery backup of 12 hrs playback with the charging case included. After charging fully and with  high volume the earbuds came upto a time of 3 ½ hrs.

If we use around 50-60% volume then it can last  you with 4 hrs playback time, which is good enough but certainly not the best.


When compared it comes with a good built quality with decent sound quality. It is IPX4 waterproof as well.

But this does not have touch controls, no charging cable in box and comes with the old Micro USB port which is a little disappointing.

For good quality, this is a good option with a good noise cancelling and mic.

5. TWS Under 2000: BoAt Airdopes 441

boAt Airdopes 441

Boat Airdopes 441 is one of the most trendy looking earbuds in this list. It comes with a great variety of colours to choose from, there are 14 colors in total (Crazy right?)

If you see earbuds as a part to suit your trendy clothes and everything this is the perfect one. The sound quality is average but still good for normal uses

Design and Build Quality

As I told design and build quality of this earbud is the main thing. It has a trendy and sporty design with a lot of colors to experiment with. The colors are all vivid and striking. Both the charging case and the earbud’s build quality is awesome

But as we know its an old model but still it comes with a TYPE C cable to charge and that’s pretty impressive, even some new models does not have that.

The unboxing experience is also great as everything is looking branded and in best quality.

There are cool multicolor lights on the back of earbuds and they look so cool, imagine having them at night, it would look fantastic.

Speakers and Sound Quality

It has IWP (Insta Wake N’ Pair) Technology too that makes it easy to connect to your smartphone. After the first pairing, it connect automatically when you just open the case.

They are quite lightweight too, so it wont irritate your ears too.

It is also IPX7 Water resistant, so you can use it without worrying about the sweat during workouts.

The backside is touch senstive and has options like single tap to play/pause, double tap to change track and also to wake up Google assiatant/Siri.

The sound quality is not the best in the list, but ok for calls and some normal music but not an allrounder to be frank. Also not recommended for gaming.

Battery Life

The battery life is very good also. It can last up to 20 hours of playback time as it comes with a 500 mAH charging case.

It also have a standby time of 70 hrs. The approx charging time is 1  and half hrs.


Its still a great option is design is your #1 priority and you hate to charge your ear buds often.

But never recommended for heavy usage especially for games. For that purposes consider other options above.


So that’s it for today’s post hope you guys get the best earbuds under 2000 which are value for money.

As each person’s need is different we have tried to include all types of earbuds so it is diverse. We hope you got the one suited for you.

Some has priorities for gaming, some for music and Bass and some just need trendy earbuds, so its all upto you to choose the right one for you.

You can buy these earbuds from our links as it will help us to earn something so we would be grateful to you. This is how we publish new and amazing articles for you.

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