5 Best Smartwatches Under 2000 In India (September 2022)

It’s not the old trend anymore, buying watches with utilities like stopwatches and dates is too outdated. Now smartwatches even have the function to make calls, then why Normal Watches? Keeping in mind the budget, we made this post for the best Smartwatches Under 2000 that give you the best value for your money.

We have covered significant brands like Noise, Fire-Boltt, and Realme which are the leaders of this budget segment in the Indian Market. Each of these watches is selected after deep research for the following: Design, Battery Life, Special features , Pros and cons

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Every watch has been deeply compared and written for providing the best value for you. So make sure you read the entire article and select a suitable one.

List of Best Smartwatches Under 2000 in India

1. Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand Smartwatch


  • 4.29cm HD Display
  • 60 different sports modes and 150 watch faces.
  • Fast charging features
  • Health features like, oxygen level monitor, stress and sleep monitor, heart rate monitoring etc. 
  • IP68 Water and dust proof

Noise is a such a brand which is very much popular among the young and middle aged people. This smartwatch is also one of the best smartwatches under 2000 from Noise.

Design and Build Quality

Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand smartwatch gives you a very smart look with every outfit which you are wearing. It comes with five colour variations like champagne grey, electric blue, jet black, olive green and rose pink. 

It’s comfortable straps is just waitless and the square dial gives you a very corporate and decent look. and it gives no rashes or sweat under the skin. It is supported with IP68, which means that the smart watch is water, dust resistance too. 

Display Quality

The large HD display of 1.69” gives a better clarity of the screen, the icons are very eye soothing and supported with a dark mode feature, which puts less stress on the eyes. 

One can select customised watch faces, to match with the outfit which you are wearing. There are 150+ varied watch faces. 

Battery Life

Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand smartwatch powered by 260 mAh battery, 

Interesting features is, it comes with fast charging. charge the Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand smartwatch for just 15mins, and experience the usage for more than 24 hours. Really Interesting at this price range.

Important Features

The smart watch comes with 60 different sports modes, giving the user a wider perspective on choosing the mode.

The Noise ColorFit Pulse Grand Smart Watch, also has very important health tracking features like, your heart rate monitoring, stress level monitoring, oxygen level monitoring, sleep monitoring and menstrual cycle tracking. 

Pros and Cons


  • It is light in weight and portable. 
  • It can be connected easily with your smart phone.
  • A person can keep a check on his or her health conditions.
  • Also it is weather resistant too. 


  • Average build quality

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2. boAt Wave Lite Smartwatch 


  • large 1.69 inch HD display 
  • Slick metal finish body 
  • Features like HR and Sp02 level monitoring
  • The smart watch has 150+ watch faces
  • Multi sport modes 
  • IP68 Water and dust proof rating
  • long battery life 

boAt has a wide range of products in the field of electronics like, wireless earbuds, wired headphone, wireless speakers, home audio equipments, airdopes and more. BoAt has established itself as one of the trustable brands in the field of electronics. 

boAt Wave Lite is one of the value for money smartwatches under 2000, Let’s read its specifications in details.

Design and Build Quality

The design of boat wave light smart watch is very elegant and it gives a very decent look wherever you go. 

The watches available in three different colour variants like active black, deep blue and scarlett red. 

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The ultra slim finish of the watch is very light in weight, And there will be no difficulty in wearing it for a long time.

If you are finding smart watches under 2000, then this is a ideal choice which you can make for yourself as well as your family and friends.

Display Quality

The large immersive HD display of 1.69″ makes the looks of the watch very real and detailed. 

The sharper colour resolution completes the display of the watch is very soothing and back tough with a dark mode feature which sports less stress on our eyes.

The user can also customise his or her choice of watch faces, since there are more varied range of 140 watch faces.

Battery life

When it comes to the battery life, both wave light smart watch is the best because it provides a battery life of 7 days, with just one time charge. 

Important Features

Different kind of sports mode like walking, running, cycling, climbing, yoga, basketball, football, badminton, skipping and swimming are present which enables the user to track his or her daily activities. 

The user can track the heart rate, and the amount of oxygen present in the blood easily, with a single click. The data will display on the screen, and it is totally very easy to understand, as well. 

Affordable price and with a wide range of features like, a person can put a check on how much calories he or she has burnt, how many steps he have walked. 

Pros and Cons


  • Silk and metal body
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Decent display quality
  • third party apps support
  • Lightweight body


  • The app needs a little improvement

3. Realme Techlife Smartwatch SZ100 


  • 1.69″ large HD display 
  • 12 days Long battery life
  • The premium matte finish dial
  • Body temperature monitoring features.
  • Health features like, blood SpO2 saturation and heart rate monitor and A few more
  • Multi sports mode like running, walking, cycling, hiking and more
  • IP68 Rating

Starting from the smart phones to smart watch, from headphones to wireless devices, realme has it all. Realme is a brand which is very much popular among the youths and the middle aged. Let’s know the specifications of this smartwatch from Realme.

Design and build quality

The Realme Techlife Watch SZ100 gives you a very light feeling, because it weighs just 34 grams, which feels just nothing on our wrist. The user can easily wear it for the whole day. The square shape is just the classy look, and it’s plastic build is awesome. And it is comfortable to wear.

Display Quality

The 4.3 cm big HD colour display gives you a easy glance of every single notification, reminders, sports data, health data and many more, within a single touch. 

Display resolution is 240 x 280 p and peak brightness 530 nits so it is bright enough for indoor even outdoor in direct sunlight. 

Even if you out your phone in the bag, the smart watch will give you all the information, through its colourful icons. 

Battery life

The smartwatch is powered by a 260 mAh battery, You charge your smart watch once, and it will serve you for 12 days. It is so much hassle-free that you don’t need to charge the watch every day. 

Important Features

The Realme Watch SZ100, has the skin temperature measurement feature inbuilt, which will help the user to keep a track on the skin temperature, also it include blood o2 level monitoring, heart rate monitoring Sleep Monitoring . 

With IP68 water resistant, the smart watch can withstand sand, dirt, dust and water upto a depth of 1.5 metres and up to 30 minutes. Hence you can perform any light usage of water activities, wearing this watch.

Once you link your smart phone, you will get access to the camera control, finding the phone and music control as well. 

Pros and Cons


  • Stylish design look
  • It is comfortable to wear and user friendly too.
  • Long battery life 
  • More accurate health and sport tracking
  • Companion app is good


  • No major cons

4. Fire-Boltt Ninja 2 Max 



  • 1.5″ Full Touch Display
  • Supported with IP68 waterproof, light usage of water activities. 
  • 20 sports modes like, cricket, kabaddi, golf, cycling, yoga, walking, running, badminton, skipping, basketball, climbing etc. 
  • Health tracking features like heart rate, Sop2, sleep tracking and few more
  • Camera controls and music controls. 

With a huge customer base, Fire Boltt is very popular among every age group. With tech friendly features to reasonable price ranges of products, Fire Boltt has its expertise. If you are planning to buy smart watches under 2000, then Fire Boltt Ninja Max 2 is definitely a very good choice. 

Design and build quality

The Fire Boltt Ninja Max 2, is black in color and it gives you a very elegant yet, a very classy look. Specially for Indian customers, you can wear it with every outfit, be it Indian casuals, semi casual or corporate. This smart watch completes your every look. 

Display Quality

The Fire Boltt Ninja Max 2 had a display of 1.5″ with is fully touch enhanced. Over the screen, you will get access to every single health features, notifications of phone, camera control and music control. 

Battery life

The Fire Boltt Ninja Max 2 had a battery capacity of 7 days battery life, and 25 days of standby time. So if you are not using the smart watch for some reasons, the smart watch will retain its same battery percentage. 

The long lasting battery time of 7 days, is just huge because nowadays wireless devices run upto almost 4-5 hours hardly, but in this case, once the user charges the smart watch fully, it will run up to 7 days, without any hassle. 

Important Features

The smart watch has 20 varied sports modes such as, cricket, kabaddi, golf, cycling, yoga, walking, running, badminton, skipping, basketball, climbing. Whenever you do this activities, select that mode, and start practicing. 

The smart watch has 200+ cloud based watch faces, hence providing the user to set the watch face, according to his or her convenience. 

This smart watch has IP68 waterproof, that is, the smart watch is resistance proof from sand, dirt, dust and a water level of 1.5 m and upto a time limit of 30 mins. 

The smart watch has smart health tracker features like, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking and meditative breathing. 

Backed up with features of providing notifications, camera control and music control, this smart watch keeps you up to dated in all terms. 

This smart watch has important features like, stopwatch, weather updates, alarms and you can also adjust the brightness accordingly. 

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight body
  • Descent look
  • Bright display
  • All necessary health and sport modes


  • Big bezels around the display
  • Mobile application needs improvement

5. Noise ColorFit Pulse Spo2 Smartwatch 

  • 1.4 inch HD Display
  • 10 days battery life
  • 60+ cloud based Watch Faces
  • SpO2, 24*7 Heart Rate Monitoring , Sleep Monitoring and few more
  • IP68 Waterproof

Noise’s ColorFit Pulse smartwatch is also a very popular smartwatch with very good user reviews. So we included the smartwatch in the best smartwatch under 2000 list, let’s check out its review-

Design and Build QualityThis smartwatch comes with the 3 color variations of black, grey and green, and it is very light in weight, with adjustable straps. Straps are made of silicon and comfortable to wear.

This smart watch completes you look, of whatever you are wearing, be it casual, semi casual or formal, it matches with all. 

Display Quality

The Noise ColorFit Pulse Spo2 Smart Watch has a full touch display of 1.4″, which gives you a very wider perspective of the screen. 

Smartwatch features 60+ cloud based watch faces. 

Battery life

With a battery life of 10 days, it can be assure that this smart watch is a very heavy duty smart watch. The user must do the charging once fully, and enjoy the no charge facility for 10 days. Isn’t it, a very big period? 

Important Features

The smart watch shows the user, different things such as, blood oxygen level, heart rate tracker and sleep schedules tracker and steps and calories count.

The smart watch has IP68 waterproof technology, which enables resistance from water upto a level of 1.5m and a time of 30 mins. 

The smart watch shows the user, the notification of the phone, weather forecast as well, so that you can plan your day schedule likewise. 

The smart watch has 8 sport modes, the user can easily adjust as per the requirement and situation. If you cannot find your phone, then no issues at all, this smart watch also have “Find My Phone Support” too, so that the user can get easy access about the phone’s whereabouts

Pros and Cons


  • battery life  Up to 10-day
  • Comfort to wear
  • 60+ watch faces
  • Decent display Quality


  • Small screen size
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