Top 6 Best Puma Shoes Under 2000 In India (for 2022)

Puma is one of the leading fashion brands in the world and there is a huge demand for Puma shoes among Indians. The reason for the demand for Puma shoes is their style and comfortable fitting. At the same time, it is amazing that they have come up with so many great options for buyers under 2000. However, in this article on Best Puma Shoes Under 2000, we have shortlisted 5 shoes.

This list includes shoes for both men and women. To make perfect your shopping we’ve done a long experiment on every product and then we shortlisted those shoes that we can suggest for friends and family. Okay, let’s start without further ado.

List of Best Puma Shoes Under 2000 in India

1. Puma Men’s Voyager IDP

Puma Men’s Voyager IDP
  • Sole – Rubber
  • Outer Material – Mesh
  • Heel type – flats
  • Warranty Description – 90 days

Voyager IDP is a very lightweight, slim, and comfortable shoe. It is a perfect option for morning walking or running but not suitable for heavy sports.

It is available in about 10-11 different colors to choose from, and I would not say that the shoe is the best-looking addition, but I can say that it is one of the best in this price range in terms of quality.

Its cushion is a little thinner, which would have been better if it was a little thicker. But it will not feel too big a problem, because the shoe is comfortable enough.

The shoes are made of sole-mesh fabric and the rest of the body material is synthetic. Product warranty against production defects is 90 days. Puma Men’s Voyager IDP is one of the Best Puma Shoes Under 2000, you can definitely go for it

2. Puma Pacer Next Cage Sneaker

Puma Pacer Next Cage Sneaker
  • Sole – Rubber
  • Material Type – Mesh
  • Lifestyle – Casual
  • very comfortable
  • Product warranty – 90 days

Puma Pacer Next Cage is one of the best Puma Shoes Under 2000. A really good choice in terms of design and quality. It is available for both girls and boys and is available in many colors.

Now the upper of the shoes is soft and mesh, it’s can help with breathability, and it is a sock light construction. So, overall it is more comfortable for feet. It has lace cages on both sides of the shoe to give it a little bit more durability.

It has a removable sock foam insole that’s gonna be really comfortable as well, but since it is removable you can replace it with another. The midsole is made of EVA, and it can give you a little bit of extra comfort as well And that’s all on top of a durable non-marking rubber outsole.

However, judging by the design and quality, it can be a good option for you. You can definitely go with it.

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3. Puma Bari Z Shoe

Puma Bari Z
  • Sole – Rubber
  • SoftFoam+ Sneakers
  • Upper Material – Synthetic Leather
  • Warranty Period – 90 Days

The Puma Bari Z is a nice-looking shoe in a very simple design and it comes with about nine different color options. In addition, it uses SoftFoam + technology. It is one of the Best Puma Shoes Under 2000.

A total of three Puma names and logos are used in the shoe, one is Tongue, then back stay and back heel. And here a sleek top design, soft cushioned footbed and vulcanized rubber sole make the shoe look attractive.

The upper material of Puma Bari Z shoes Made of Synthetic Leather and the lower material is made of rubber. As well as the good news, the shoe feels very soft, comfortable and light on the feet.

This sneaker comes with 90 Days Manufacturers Warranty and it is available for kids, men and women – everyone.

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4. Puma Men’s Carson Club II IDP

  • Sole – Rubber
  • Outer Material – Mesh
  • Warranty Description – 90 days

Puma Carson Club II IDP is a very light and comfortable shoe. At the same time it comes with attractive designs.

The sole of the shoe is white, and the rest comes with many color combinations. The sole of the shoe is made of rubber and the outer material is of mesh material. The shoe is a little tight, so for the right fit – get one size bigger.

Also, I would like to say that this is also a Best Puma Shoes Under 2000 which comes with 90 days Warranty.

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5. Puma Men’s Trenzo II IDP

  • Sole – Rubber
  • Outer Material – Mesh
  • Warranty Description – 90 days

The Puma Trenzo II IDP comes with an attractive design. First of all, let me say that the shoe is a little narrow so it may not be suitable for wide feet. In this case too, when buying a shoe, you should buy one size larger than the size of your foot because the shoe is too tight.

Speaking of colors, it comes with about four or five color options and moreover the shoe comes with a soft and durable rubber sole and mesh outer finish.

It is also one of the best shoes under the budget and you can definitely go for it.

6. Puma Women’s Vertex Pro NU IDP – Best Puma Shoes Under 2000 for Women

  • Puma Vertex Pro is a very good option for women
  • Comes with a mesh outer finish, which provides great breathability and keeps your feet dry while running.
  • The sole of this shoe is made of good quality rubber.
  • The shoe sole is made of good quality rubber material, which is soft and durable.
  • The shoe comes with a 90-day manufacturing warranty- more

Things to Consider to Buy Best Puma Shoes Under 2000 rupees

Size – The size of your shoes depends a lot on your work. For example, when running, your feet are slightly wider when they fall to the ground. That is why

running shoes should be one size larger than your other shoes. And in all cases, it is important for your shoes to be more durable than stylish.

Price – In this article, we have come for Best Puma Shoes Under 2000, so our budget is fixed, and all the shoes in the list above are within the price of 2000 rupees. But we all know that prices in online stores vary according to different offers. Also, the price of the same shoes varies with different sizes and colors.

Appearance – As I said before, effectiveness comes first, not appearance. Appearance is certainly an additional attraction. So you should go for a minimum look and best durability. And you need to check it before you buy shoes.

Conclusion –

We hope that this list of Best Puma Shoes Under 2000 and Details Review about shoes will help you choose the best shoes. And whichever you decide to take, comment below.

Thank you __ for reading that whole article. Stay well, stay healthy.

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