Top 6 Best Light Decoration for Diwali, Christmas, Wedding, Birthday Party

Diwali is very much ahead. And during this Diwali, there is a buzz of house decoration in every corner of India. We decorate the house with lamps, candles and various electrical lighting. In the article ‘best light decoration for diwali’, I have shared some of the best lights for you, I like these lights so I am suggesting them to you. So read the whole article and decorate your house better this Diwali.

List of Best Light Decoration for Diwali

  • Snowball LED
  • Flower LED
  • LED Waterproof Strip
  • Photo Clip LED
  • E-Tail String Lights
  • Laser Lights

Snowball LED – Best Light Decoration for Diwali

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  • This Snowball LED chain is 3 meters long and has 16 warm white bulbs. Excellent illumination and can create a warm and romantic atmosphere at night.
  • It is powered by a 3 x AA size battery which means it can run at extra-low voltage and with it it is waterproof. Suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration in all weathers.
  • It can be used for interesting decorations for Diwali, birthday or any occasion – room, window, gazebo, patio, veranda, garden etc.

Flower LED – Best Light Decoration for Diwali

Flower LED - Best Light Decoration for Diwali
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  • It is a very good option for perfect interior and exterior decoration for Diwali, wedding, party etc.
  • It comes with IP65 waterproof rating so can be used in any weather.
  • This LED flower chain is 3 meters long and has 20 LED lights
  • According to the company, it is energy efficient, its advanced technology will convert 97% of electrical energy into illuminated energy and will not consume heat energy.
  • These LED flower chains can be used for indoor or outdoor decoration. Can be used to decorate the garden. Creates a charming atmosphere at night.

LED Waterproof Strip – Best Light Decoration for Diwali

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  • Can be used for any kind of outdoor and indoor project like home decoration, shopping mall, hotel, office building, false ceiling, etc.
  • LED lights come with super brightness long career. 50000 burning hours career, according to the company.
  • The LED light chain is completely flexible and wrapped in plastic for extra safety.
  • Waterproof, so suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • You can cut this LED chain as you wish, 1 meter per cut (As Per Cutting Dots), buy extra silicone glue to stick it anywhere.

Photo Clip LED – Best Light Decoration for Diwali

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  • As you can see in the picture, you can see how good the photos look with this photo clip. 
  • This light is also suitable for Diwali, wedding, Christmas, party.
  • However, it is only for indoor use, as it is not waterproof.

E-Tail String Lights – Best Light Decoration for Diwali

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  • I also like such lights. Can be used for home decoration during Diwali, Christmas or any party. The large trees in the garden can be arranged very well in this light.
  • The length of the chain is 4 meters.
  • The white transparent drops are 7.5 cm long and are made of PVC acrylic material.

Laser Lights – Best Light Decoration for Diwali

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  • We are all familiar with Laser Lights. However, this light can be used in any event or any place like bar, club, disco, wedding, birthday party.
  • You can screw it to the ceiling or to the floor with the stand.
  • It has a full 7 modes, which you can control remotely. Moreover the speed of the motor can be fast or slow.
  • It supports voice control, so when you play any music in the background, the lights change with the music.


We can use many types of lights of our choice to decorate the house on Diwali, out of which I shared some of the lights with you. There are more that I will add later. I hope you like the best light decoration for diwali article.

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