4 Best Hair Straightening Brush in India – 2021

So you want to join the hair straightening brush revolution, but you are not sure which one is right for you? lucky for you, this article is able to guide you through my extensive research. Here we have discussed the list of the best hair straightening brush as well as their various aspects.

See Table of Content. If you read this article thoroughly, you will have no problem to buying it or using it. Hope you read this whole article –

Few Details and Warnings About Hair Straightening Brush

A hair straightening brush uses a heat plate to straighten your hair. You need to dry your hair to use it but light drying is perfectly good, only the hair should not be wet. It is very easy to use and also provides a long-lasting solution to your curly or tangled hair. But should be aware of the following points before buying this product.

Thermal plate:

Ceramic and tourmaline are the most commonly used plate elements in hair straightening brushes. Titanium is also used in some brushes. Ceramic is ideal for thin, delicate, and color treated hair. As well as tourmaline and titanium heat up very quickly so these are suitable for thick hair.

Heat level:

Different temperatures are required for each type of hair. However, the most common levels range from 350F to 450F. The list is given as per required

  1. For Very thin or brittle hair → required temperature 300°F ( or 150°C )
  2. For Medium to thick hair → required temperature 365°F ( or 185°C)
  3. For Very thick or very curly hair → required temperature 450°F ( or 232°C) 


If your hair is frequent and easily frizzy, I would advise you to buy a brush with a ball-tipped bristle. However, for a sensitive scalp, you need to buy a brush with Nylon Bristle.

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list of 4 Best Hair Straightening Brush in India

  • Philips BHH880 – Best Hair Straightening Brush
  • Revlon XL – Another Best Hair Straightening Brush
  • FINIVIVA Simply Ceramic Hair Straightening Comb Brush
  • Rozia Hair Straightener Brush HR767

1. Philips BHH880 – Best Hair Straightening Brush in India

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Philips BHH60/10 This electronic brush is one of the best hair straightening brushes in India in terms of quality and performance. The brush is designed with a keratin-infused ceramic coating that gives you smooth and freeze-free straight hair.

The brush heats up quickly and is ready for use in 50 seconds. There are two temperature settings for the desired styling which are 170 ° C for thin or medium hair and 200 ° C for thick hair. There are 2 LEDs for temperature indication. Also, the heat-protection technology maintains a constant temperature across the brush to prevent overheating. Its cord is 1.8 m in length and it is quite flexible and safe to use. Go to the manufacturer’s website – Click Here

2. Revlon XL – Another Best Hair Straightening Brush

Revlon XL Hair Straightening
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We all believe in Revlon when it comes to hair styling tools. That’s why I didn’t have to think twice before including Revlon XL Hair Straightening Brush in this list. The brush is beautifully designed for root-to-tip communication and quick styling.

The brush has advanced 3x ceramic coating and duo detangling bristles, to style perfectly. It has a maximum temperature of 430⁰F and has 10 variable options for temperature control by which you can control the entire styling. There is an LCD display to indicate the temperature. With its global dual voltage and light weight, it can become your best travel companion.

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3. FINIVIVA Simply Ceramic Hair Straightening Comb Brush

FINIVIVA Simply Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush
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The above seems expensive to you and you are looking for a better alternative? This brush can be both within your budget and choice.

This straightening brush can be used on all hair types – 185 ° C for thin and fine hair, 185-210 ° C for slightly thicker hair from general and 210-230 ° C for thick, curly hair. It has an LCD screen for temperature monitoring. There’s also a 6-foot-long cord, and a 60-minute automatic shut-off feature.

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4. Rozia Hair Straightener Brush HR767

ROZIA HR767 Hair Straightener

The Rosia Hair Straightener makes the brush worth the money for a pretty decent performance.

The bristles are given ceramic and two heat settings that can be set according to different hair types. Its temperature limit is 210 ° F-450 ° F. In addition, there are two buttons for digital temperature display and temperature change. Its card can be rotated up to 360 degrees and its flexible.

Who Should Buy a Hair Straightening Brush?

Hair straightening brushes are usually preferred by people whose heads are full of curls and want smooth, straight locks. Using the hair straightening brush you can get fast salon-quality results at home. This is a time saving option. Hair straightening brushes are an easy way to style your hair in minutes. Just switch it on, wait a few seconds for it to warm up and guide your hair. These brushes are designed with advanced technology to reduce fridge. Straightening brushes can also be used by men.

A hair straightener requires less heat to operate the brush and is therefore less likely to damage your hair. Learn more by reading the following sections.

Best Hair Straightening Brush – Buying Guide

The Plates

Plates are probably the most important thing to consider when buying a hair straightening brush. The plates get heated and come in direct contact with your hair. Therefore, the best quality plates must be selected.

There are three types of brushes used in hair straightener brushes – ceramic, tourmaline and titanium plates.


Ceramic plates are the most used plates in hair straightening brushes. It is best for Thin, brittle and colour-treated hair and moreover it is ideal for almost all types of hair.


Tourmaline plates can produce six times more negative ions than ceramic plates. It is mostly suitable for thick hair but it is harmful for thin and brittle hair.


Titanium plates heat up faster than tourmaline plates and can retain intense heat. Hair brushes with titanium plates is highly recomended for truely thick and curly hair. Also only professionals must use these brushes.

The Bristles

It is also important to consider the bristles of the brush before buying. If you get brushes with the wrong kind of bristles, they can damage your hair and break the hair. So here are some tips for bristles you should know.

Like, if your scalp is very sensitive, you should use brushes with nylon bristles because these do not hurt your scalp. These help to smooth and soften your hair.

If your hair is thick and tangled, you should choose to use a brush with ball-tipped bristle. These help to remove tangles without splitting your hair.

The Handle

It is very important to consider the handle to make the device easy to use. You must check that the handle is the right size. The handle should not be slippery and should have grip. You can also look for light weight brushes. The handle should be cool while the machine is on, this will protect your hands from burning. You can also use gloves for a better experience.

Heat Level

You must make sure that the brush you are buying can provide adequate heat. You need to buy a hair straightening brush with multiple (at least 5) temperature setting options so that users of different hair types can use the same brush without any harm.

The temperature range of the brush is from 350 F to 450 ° F.

365 ° F is considered good enough for medium to thick hair. To straighten thin or brittle hair, the temperature should be around 300 ° F. Some hair brush models have even higher settings such as 450 F which can be used for very thick or curly hair types.

Hair straightening brushes offer two options for indicating temperature: LCD display and indicator light. In indicator light brushes, the indicator light is low depending on the temperature so it can be difficult to understand the exact temperature. So in this case the LCD display is more perfect because the LCD allow to read the correct temperature while styling.

How to Use Hair Straightening Brush Properly

There is no compromise with your style. Learn how to use it properly to get rid of the risk of hair loss. Follow the steps below when using

Step 1 : Wash Your Hair

You should clean your scalp and hair with water before starting this process. You can use shampoo and conditioner for this. This will help you maintain the style for a long time and besides it gives a better look and feeling.

Step 2 : Apply a Heat Protectant

After shampooing and conditioning the hair, apply some heat protector on it. You can get it in the form of a serum, oil or spray, choose the one that will be best for your hair type. It nourishes your hair against heat and gives a little extra elasticity so don’t forget this important step.

Step 3 : Dry Your Hair

Dry the hair after applying a heat protectant. Remember that you should never use a hair straightening brush on wet hair.

Before using the hair straightening brush you need to check if your hair is dry otherwise, the high temperature of the device will damage your hair permanently.

Step 4 : Divide Your Hair Into Sections

Once the hair is dry, divide the hair into several small sections before using the hair straightening brush. This will make the process of straightening easier and it is very important for thick hair. Using a clip to split can make the job easier.

Step 5 : Start Brushing

This is the final step for which we read many steps. After splitting the hair, you should do the job very carefully and efficiently. You must be able to do that.

Hold the first part of your hair with one hand and the straight brush with the other hand. Carefully pull the brush from the roots to the ends of the hair. Thus complete the second part and move on.

Some Questions – Frequently Asked About Best Hair Straightening Brush

Does Hair Straightening Brush Damage Hair?

The answer is no when you use it properly. Since a straight brush does not apply heat directly to your hair strands, the chances of damage are very low.

To minimize it, try not to expose your hair to too much heat on a regular basis. Also, always use a heat shield spray before straightening hair.

Can I use a hair straightening brush for all hair types?

The answer is yes, but it totally depends on what type of hair straightener you are using. If your hair straightener has multiple permanent heat setting options then you can use it in all types of hair. Only set the right temperature for your hair and use it. If you have no idea about temperature settings, you can read the Heat Level topic of this article.

Can hair straightening brush be used on wet hair?

Never. You should never use a straightening brush on your wet hair. If you want to protect your hair from damage, then your hair must be completely dry. Remember, before the hair is dry, use Heat Protectant on it and then use a straightener brush.

How long does it (hair straightening brush) take to straighten my hair ?

It depends on three factors: your hair type, your use skills and how much heat the brush can provide. If you are a professional, it will be done in 5 minutes. For those whose hair is very curly, it will definitely take a little longer. You will understand yourself after using it.

What is the ideal temperature for using a hair straightening brush?

The same temperature may not be ideal for all hair types. It depends on your hair type and sensitivity. Thin hair requires low temperature, thick hair needs medium temperature, thick and curly hair needs high temperature.

Can Hair Straightening Brass Be Used For Short Hair?

Yes, but not all brushes are suitable for short hair. For short hair you can also use magictec ceramic straightening brush and miropure hair straightening brush.

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