9 best gaming mouse under 2500 (Wired and Wireless) – 2022

As important as a weapon is to a fighter, a gaming mouse is just as important to a gamer. In this article, I will not explain to you the importance of a gaming mouse but I will suggest to you the best gaming mouse under 2500 in India. I will share both, wired and wireless mice for 2500 price.

The number of PC gamers in India is slowly increasing and we, game-loving people are spending a lot of money on the perfect gaming setup. But we must spend the money on the right things. For example, now you want to buy a gaming mouse, in which case the mouse needs to have a high DPI value, high tracking speed, and polling rate. Then it will be suitable for your price. So anyway, here is a list of some of the best choices for you with all this. Let’s get started.

List of best gaming mouse under 2500 in India

When this list of best gaming mouse under 2500 was made, the price of each mouse was less than 1000 rupees or so, you must check the current price of each mouse. Because prices often fluctuate.

1. Logitech G304 Wireless Gaming Mouse

  • Wireless mouse with High-performance Hero sensor
  • Up to 12,000 DPI sensitivity and 400 IPS tracking speed
  • Up to 9 months of battery life
  • 2 Years warranty

Logitech is an American company known in India for creating high-quality computer peripherals. This Logitech mouse is the Logitech G304 which is available in India at a price of Rs ****.

✔️ Product Info: We may know that a wireless mouse is not suggested for gaming at all but Logitech claims that this G304 mouse is just as efficient as a wired mouse. The response rate of the mouse is 1 millisecond, Which is definitely All right for gaming. The mouse comes with two side buttons and a total of six programmable buttons. Mouse buttons can be configured using Logitech gaming software so you can map the buttons to your liking.

✔️ Performance: It offers Logitech’s popular Hero sensor for better performance. Due to the Hero sensor, the mouse’s sensitivity is up to 12,000 DPI and 400 IPS. The mouse supports lightspeed technology where its response rate is 1 millisecond.

✔️ Build Quality: As for the built quality, the Logitech G304 Mouse offers a good quality plastic body that weighs only 99g. Due to its lightweight, you can move it comfortably for a long time without any issues. With the mouse, you get the Nano receiver, which is placed next to the battery slot.

✔️ Battery Life: The Logitech G304 gaming mouse is powered by a single AA battery. In the first case, it comes with a Duracell battery. The mouse has two modes available, that Is, performance and endurance. In performance mode, the mouse gives you 250 hours of battery life and in endurance mode, you get about 8-9 months of battery life.

Cons: The Logitech G304 mouse has no RGB lighting 

Verdict: This mouse is the only wireless mouse on this list. If you prefer a wireless mouse more than a wired mouse then, of course, you can go with it. Because the quality and performance of the mouse is very good. Read more about Logitech G304 – Click Here

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2. Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Wired Gaming Mouse

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury
  • high-speed fusion engine inside and optical Sensor
  • Up to 4000 DPI sensitivity and 500 IPS tracking speed
  • Microprocessor: 32-bit ARM processor
  • 8 programmable buttons and 5 different DPI settings
  • long life with 20 million click support
  • High Speed Clicking and Great performance
  • 2 years warranty

Logitech is a Swiss company specializing in gaming and computer peripherals. It is one of the largest companies in the world in terms of keyboards, mice, remotes, speakers, and smart-home devices. Today we will review the Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Mouse, which is one of the best gaming mouse under 2500 budget range.

✔️Design and Build Quality: The mouse comes with very good design and built quality, its body is made of plastic and it has a matte finish on the outside. The mouse has perfect gripping on both sides so that it sticks firmly in your hand during difficult gaming. It probably weighs 144 g. The mouse has a light-up LED logo next to the thumb grip, which cannot be customized, and there are no other customizable RGB lights on the whole mouse.

✔️Performance: Its performance surpasses all criticism. The Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury has a high-speed fusion engine inside that gives the mouse maximum tracking speeds of up to 500 IPS. The mouse has an optical sensor and a 32-bit ARM processor. This G402 mouse comes with 8 programmable buttons, you can customized the usability of the buttons to your liking. The sensitivity of the mouse is 4000 dpi, which is much lower than the other mice in this list, but the truth is that, Pro gamers usually play in the range of 400-800 DPI setting . In the end, the mouse brings a long life of 20 million clicks, which is beyond your imagination And besides, it has 5 DPI setting options.

Cons: No braided cable and no RGB light decoration.

Verdict: After reading the reviews you must have understood that it is suitable for professionals and it is one of the best gaming mouse under 2500. I will definitely recommend it to you. Read more about Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury – Click Here

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3. Cosmic Byte Equinox Gamma

Cosmic Byte Equinox Gamma
  • Pixart PMW3389 optical Sensor
  • Up to 16000 DPI sensitivity and 400 IPS tracking speed
  • 12 programmable buttons and six different DPI settings
  • Omron micro switch, with 10 million click support
  • Customizable RGB Lighting
  • Fire Button- One Shot for Three Clicks
  • Three 3.5 Grams Adjustable Weights
  • Great performance
  • 1 year warranty

Cosmic Byte is an Indian company well known in the Indian market for its gaming-related peripherals. This mouse is a featurerich product for gamers. 

✔️Design and Build Quality: The Cosmic Byte Equinox Gamma Mouse Body is made of reinforced plastic and has a matte anti-skid UV coating to keep the mouse firmly in the palm of your hand.The mouse features 12 programmable buttons, including a DPI switch and a dedicated Rapid-Fire button,Which gives an extra direction to subdue your prey in the game.The Equinox Gamma mouse weighs just 147.5g and has a weight tuning system that allows you to gain an extra 3.5g for best use.This gaming mouse is equipped with RGB lighting. You can customize the lights using software, or you can customize them with mouse shortcuts. 

✔️Performance: The Equinox Gamma mouse is very feature rich. The mouse comes with Omron Micro Switches which support 10 million clicks. Omron micro switches are known for their good quality and sensitive feedback. As well it comes with PixArt optical sensor and supports sensitivity up to 16000 dpi and tracking speed of 400 IPS. The Equinox Gamma mouse has the option of six different DPI settings, and a level indicator to understand it. Moreover, as I said before, it has a quick-fire button, which is a new direction to destroy the opponent. So based on its features it is one of the best gaming mouse under 2500.

Cons: The scroll wheel is slightly firm 

Verdict: Cosmic Byte’s Equinox Gamma mouse is a high class mouse on the best gaming mouse under 2500 list. It is a worthy mouse for a gamer in terms of performance and design.

4. Razer DeathAdder Essential

Razer is a Singaporean-American multinational technology company that is well known in the Indian market for its gaming hardware.

Razer DeathAdder Essential
  • Up to 6400 DPI sensitivity and 1000Hz polling rate
  • 5 programmable buttons
  • 10 million click support
  • Smooth cursor movement

✔️Design and Build Quality: The rozar gaming mouse is designed for right-handed people. The mouse has 5 Hyperesponse programmable buttons, and has excellent grip on either side of the mouse to hold it firmly in the hand. This gaming product weighs 96 grams and the cable length is 1.8 meters. Extra mouse logo and RGB lights equipped with scrolling wheels. Everything can be easily configured with the help of Razer software.

✔️Performance: Judging by the performance, it can be considered as one of the best gaming mouse under 2500, although its price is much less than 2500. The mouse has 5 Hyper Response buttons that last up to about 10 million clicks. The main USP of this DeathAdder Essential mouse is the 6400 dpi optical sensor inside the mouse. The polling rate of this device is 1000Hz, all in all it is a high response mouse and suitable for intense gaming.

Cons: First of all, the scroll wheel of the mouse is a little hard and another thing is that the mouse is not suitable for small hands.

Verdict: The product is suitable for professional gaming as well as graphic designing or all general work. You can definitely go with it.

5. Logitech G102 Light Sync

This is another best gaming mouse under 2500, this is a well known mid-range mouse to gamers. Let’s take a look at it.

Logitech G102 Light Sync
  • Gaming-grade mercury sensor Sensor
  • Up to 8000 DPI sensitivitytracking
  • 6 programmable buttons and 5 different DPI settings
  • 10 million click support
  • Customizable RGB Lighting
  • Great performance

✔️Design and Build Quality: The Logitech G102 Light mouse is compact and lightweight. It comes with a plastic body and nice matte texture. Its scrolling wheel is also rubberized, so that the mouse does not slip even with wet or sweaty hands. The G102 Lite Sync Mouse is equipped with 6 programmable buttons and vibrant RGB lighting, which you can customize with the G HUB software. The mouse weighs light enough, weighing only 85 grams.

✔️Performance: The Logitech G102 Light Sync mouse is a good option for new gamers. The mouse comes with a gaming-grade mercury sensor for accurate tracking, the sensor is capable of sensitivity up to 8000 DPI. Here are the options of 5 level DPI settings. Plus, the mouse buttons have a life cycle of 10 million clicks, so it will last you a lot longer than you can even imagine.

Cons: There are no such important cons.

Verdict: If you are an entry-level gamer or student or general PC user then you can definitely go with it.

6. Redragon M808 Storm

The next best gaming mouse under 2500 comes from Redragon, Redragon is a Chinese company well known for creating budget gaming peripherals. 

Redragon M808 Storm
  • Pixart 3327 optical gaming sensor
  • Up to 12400 DPI sensitivity and 200 IPS tracking speed
  • 7 programmable buttons and 5 different DPI settings
  • Onboard memory profiles
  • Great performance

✔️Design and Build Quality: The Redragon M808 Storm mouse comes with a honeycomb-shaped textured design for the grip, as you can see in the picture above. This gaming mouse is made with good quality polycarbonate material. It is a lightweight gaming mouse that weighs only 85g. This gaming mouse is equipped with RGB lighting, and besides, you can customize it to your liking using its gaming software, you can choose different lighting effects.

✔️Performance: The mouse gives you a satisfying gaming experience with the Pixart 3327 optical gaming sensor. Its tracking speed is 200 IPS and its sensitivity is up to12,400 DPI. There are 5 Customizable DPI Levels you can set to your liking.

Cons: A little improvement in the design would have been better 

Verdict: The Redragon M808 Storm is a lightweight mouse and you can go with it if you are looking for the perfect and excellent gaming experience.

7. Corsair Harpoon Pro

Corsair is a California-based company known for its high-quality gaming peripherals. Corsair Harpoon Pro RGB Mouse is rich for professional gamers, its features are fully customizable.

Corsair Harpoon Pro
  • High-end optical sensor mouse
  • Sensitivity is Up to 12000 DPI
  • 12 programmable buttons and six different DPI settings
  • High-quality Omron switches with 20 million clicks support
  • 2 Years warranty

✔️Design and Build Quality:This gaming mouse comes with a completely plastic body, where the quality of the plastic is very good. The top of the mouse has a soft matte texture and the two sides of the mouse have a rubberized finish that provides a firm hold during hard gaming. Besides, it weighs only 85 grams so you can’t feel its weight even after using it for a long time. The Harpoon Pro is an RGB gaming mouse. The mouse has six buttons that can be customized to your liking. You can program the buttons and customize the mouse light using Corsair’s iCUE software.

✔️Performance: The left and right switches on the mouse are longer lasting than its competitors, It comes with more than 20 million clicks. Moreover, it is a high-end optical sensor mouse and its sensitivity is up to 12000 DPI. To connect a mouse to a PC, you just need to connect the mouse’s USB port to the PC, without the need for additional software.

Cons: It does not have any software for Mac devices

Verdict: The Corsair Harpoon Pro RGB allows the mouse to play fast games with precise tracking. At the same time, iCUE software offers you various customizations. All in all it is a perfect gaming mouse and you can go with it.

8. Corsair Katar Pro

Corsair is California, U.S. based company and it is one of the most popular gaming peripheral manufacturers in the world. I have already listed a mouse from Corsair. This is the second mouse from Corsair. Let’s take a detailed look.

Corsair Katar Pro
  • PixArt optical sensor mouse
  • Sensitivity is Up to 12400 DPI
  • iCUE Gaming software support
  • 6 programmable buttons and six different DPI settings
  • 2 Years warranty

✔️Design and Build Quality: The Corsair Katar Pro mouse comes with a very minimal design that can give you the illusion that it is not a gaming mouse, but it is. As for the built quality, the Corsair Katar Pro mouse is made of polycarbonate material, which is not cheap quality at all and gives you a premium filling in your hand. The body on both sides of the mouse and the scroll wheel are rubberized so that it sticks firmly to the palm of your hand, even in a sweaty hand or during a strong game.This gaming mouse has minimal use of RGB light, which is just in scroll wheel. However, you can customize RGB lighting using ICUE gaming software.

✔️Performance: The Corsair Katar Pro mouse has a PixArt optical sensor that provides great tracking performance. This gaming mouse has a total of six programmable buttons, with a maximum sensitivity of 12,400 dpi. You can remap the buttons and create macros. You can change the DPI by pressing the mouse button or by the ICUE software.

9. HP G360 Gaming Mouse 

HP is an American company that is very famous for its high-quality software and computer peripherals, HP’s products are very familiar to all of us, let’s take a look at its reviews.  

HP G360 Gaming Mouse
  • Sensitivity is Up to 6200 DPI
  • 6 programmable buttons and six DPI settings
  • 3 Years warranty

✔️Design and Build Quality: The mouse is equipped with attractive RGB lighting, attractive design and comes with a very well plastic-made body. The two sides of the mouse and the scroll wheel are well coated with rubber so that it sticks well during gaming and with sweaty hands. And at the same time, everything is customizable. This product weighs about 172 g.

✔️Performance: The mouse has 6 programmable buttons and six DPI sensitivity setting options. The mouse has a maximum sensitivity of up to 6200 dpi, which is fine for a gamer. Typically a pro gamer keeps DPI settings in the 400-1000 range. The rest of the special details were not provided by the company.

Cons: This is not a cons but the fact is that the mouse is not for tiny hands, which means it is not for all.

Verdict: I would recommend you according to user reviews and ratings, you can definitely go with it.

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Gaming Mouse Under 2500 In India

You can enjoy a game only if you have a suitable gaming mouse, which is not possible with a normal mouse. Because a gaming mouse is designed with the needs of a gamer in mind. Where a gaming mouse comes with high DPI and tracking speed and customizable options.
So we’ve created a section of the Buyers Guide in the article Best gaming mouse under 2500, which will tell you what to look for in a gaming mouse. By reading this guide in its entirety you will be able to purchase a mouse suitable for your game.

Type of Sensor: The mice come with two types of sensors, laser and optical. The main advantage of a laser sensor is that it can work evenly on any surface, and in that space, you will need a mouse pad for a mouse with an optical sensor. But in my opinion as a gamer, your mouse should have optical sensors for better accuracy and tracking.

Wired or Wireless: A wired mouse is much better for a gamer than a wireless mouse. Because the response rate of wired mouse is much higher. Let me tell you, there are two types of wireless mouse, Bluetooth mouse and Nano receiver mouse. From this point of view, the response rate of Nano receiver mouse is much higher than the Bluetooth mouse. So if you prefer a wireless mouse, then you should choose a mouse with a nano receiver for gaming. You can go with the first mouse in this list.

Size, Weight and Grip: As we said before, your mouse must be comfortable with your hands to get good results from the game. It depends on the size of your finger, the type of game you play, and your preference.If you want the best gaming mouse under 2500 then you must check if the mouse has some texture for good grip. Because it is very useful during the difficult stages of your game. And if the grip is tight, the mouse will not slip from wet or sweaty hands.

DPI: As a gamer, you should choose a mouse with a high DPI and You should also check that the mouse has many DPI settings options. Because some games require very high DPI and some games can play well in normal DPI settings, so it is especially important.

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